Soft Cinema  
Ambient Narrative


Soft Cinema project is designed to take a number of forms, including different movie editions, installation versions, and publications. Each edition movie presents different narratives and uses different media databases.

Texas (from GUI series)
release date: November 15, 2002

"The woman did not answer. She was busy mixing her own drink: one third Coke, one third Sprite, and one third 7-up. She finished, took one sip and reclined in her chair. The mixture always had the same effect on her, bringing back happy memories of her childhood in Sweden..."

Hamburg (from GUI series)
release date: January 1, 2003

This story narrated by 3 diffirent voices is about a programmer who has a crash on a woman he keeps running into in the lounge at company's "chill-out" floor.

Mission to Earth
release date: December 11, 2003

Inga is an alien who after spending twenty years on Earth, finally gets a chance to return to her own planet, Alpha-1...Mission to Earth is an allegory about Cold War immigration which uses footage of a secret radio telescope built in Latvia in 1971.

Adsences (Andreas Kratky)
release date: May 1, 2004
For the Absences database each film clip was analyzed in regards to several visual qualities such as brightness, contrast, texture, activity, the difference between the center and the periphery, and the difference between the upper and the lower part. The soundtrack of Absences comes from the same parameter space: the curves describing the temporal development of the activity, brightness and contrast values of the individual clips were used to synthesize sounds that were then combined with location sound. The rhythm of the filmic montage also creates a sonic rhythm. The overall film sound track follows the progression of film visuals from more concrete to more abstract by moving from location sound to the layered abstract sound.


Photo still from Soft Cinema

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